Mailloux & Marden PA is a full service law firm, founded by Attorneys Randolph Mailloux and Jeremy Marden, on two simple principles:

●  We strive to produce the highest quality legal product at all times.

● We take an extra step to provide the client with the best possible service, including regular feedback and open lines of communication.

Mailloux & Marden PA are attorneys who provide high quality legal services. Every piece of work is important, not just those that are lucrative for the firm. While critical to our business and important to all of us, making money is secondary to the professional services we provide.

Mailloux & Marden PA is an entrepreneurial and dynamic firm. As individuals, we will constantly seek new opportunities for the firm’s and our own personal growth and strength. Every person in the firm will continuously strive to be better at what he or she does.

Mailloux & Marden PA functions as a team and not as a loose-knit collection of individuals. We encourage each other to make a commitment and meaningful contribution to the firm.

Mailloux & Marden PA aims to generate trust among our clients by providing the highest level of legal expertise and information protection, and our experience and breadth of knowledge combine to provide you with legal service that is timely, effective and dignified.